Feel COVID-19 secure at Chislehurst Fitness

In a profession dedicated to improving people's fitness and wellbeing, health and safety are just as important as in any other field.
Covid-19 secure - Chislehurst Group Fitness Bootcamp
I take my responsibilities as a fitness coach seriously especially with regard to COVID-19. In a profession dedicated to improving people’s fitness and wellbeing, health and safety are just as important as in any other field. Catching an illness while trying to get healthy is just daft! With this in mind, I have undertaken Prevent COVID-19 training and I will be following all Government guidelines and CIMSPA procedures. As it stands, here is the guidance recommended for bootcamps and outdoor fitness sessions. I will be implementing the following:
1. Groups of up to 29 (plus instructor) are allowed to meet for organised outdoor sport, physical activity and exercise. Pre-booking is required.
2. Participants will be told not to attend any session if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
3. It is a requirement for a QR code to be displayed at organised sports venues.
4. Participants will be instructed to stay 2m apart from each other throughout the session. This includes water breaks. Participants’ water bottles will be kept distanced throughout each session. At no time will public paths be congested by participants.
5. Sharing of equipment will be kept to a minimum.
6. All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before and after sessions by the instructor.
7. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own exercise mats, and to wear gloves if they borrow a mat from Chislehurst Fitness.
8. Antiseptic hand gel and wipes will be provided for all participants. 
All government updates will be noted and actioned through CIMSPA notifications.
Virtual College - Prevent COVID-19 Training Course

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